Finally I have a minute to thank everyone who helped with my sons amazing bar mitzvah party! Thank you so much to @danymizrachi for my AMAZING dress and to his partner @marie_paule_assous_moussaieff who was so helpful! And of course to my hairdresser who is the best in the world @aviedriny ! Avi thank you for helping me pick the dress and for your vision you had for my hair and makeup! You created a red carpet look !

June 25th 2017

Thank you for making me feel like a real princess for a day.

Beyond your outstanding professionalism, all of you are an amazing people !!


Love you -Sapir Barel- Galia  , June 14th 2017

Thank you Dany  and the team, for a perfect magical night

Love you with all of our heart

Mor and Lira Segal

Perfection Perfection Perfection…. the man and the legend .that’s what you are!
thank you so so much for everything .
there’s no doubt that you are the best!!!
love you so much Liron&Gil

Dany , our dear love .

we don’t have enough words to thank you for what you are and who you are , top designer an amazing personality .

an endless giving thanks for everything ,for those 2 incredible dresses.

Love you with all our hearts… Yael and Yehudi sabag

The artist of one of the gorgeous dresses that made me  a Queen

For a day at the height of perfection and of course from flattery to date. Thank you Champ.
 Liz Danon Levi

Thank you so much dear Dany.

You are the champion!!!!!

With love

Sapir Amsellem Saban


Dany and his amazing team.

Thanks for being patient attentive world-class professionals with stunning finishes On your personal attitude and attention to details.

 In short thanks to the dress of my dreams Undoubtedly made the best choice .
Thank you Thank you Thank you Eti Ben Hamo

Although just a little taste of this amazing dress but wanted to say thanks for uncompromising professionalism and best vision in the field of wedding dresses in Israel. Thanks to Danny and order fulfillment….

Liron Nahum

Thank you for the amazing attitude of the ability to do the unthinkable on professionalism and because we were so beautiful and special in my son’s wedding day Omri cassia with his selecting heart.Thank you for everything!
Love Ilana Caspi