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Bride for a day

There is a woman who dreams of wearing the dress on her wedding day. There is a woman who undergoes countless designers bridal salons. Selects dozens of models  Matter adds repents and changes her mind and still many of them before the wedding day just incomplete with the result. I’ve come to you .

The first and last I went to see him and dresses. I tried a few models have directed the staff and your amazing knowledge fit me exactly
 The appropriate and flattering dresses me and how without Danny’s smile???

Good word of recommendation. Your patience. Professionalism. Not just your reputation before it was hard work and talent I demented shit I decided to listen to you and no joy of me who did that helped me pick out my dream dresses

There is a visitor who asked me where did gorgeous dresses. And big pride told Danny Mizrahi!
You are one amazing talent and personality have no words to thank you for the amazing result.
Love  Liz Sela
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  • Lakeisha
    April 3, 2017 at 1:35 am

    That’s a posting full of inhgtsi!

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