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Welcome to the world of Israel’s Top Designer, Dany Mizrachi

This fashion love story began when Dany was just a young teenager working a day job ironing fabrics at his family’s small textile shop in downtown Tel-Aviv.With Dany’s penchant for design what was once a small family owned textile shop grew to become Israel’s first recognized clothing company featured internationally for its groundbreaking designs such as “Rosh Indiani”. After illustrating his own skills and ambition, Dany embarked on a journey in search of new horizons. He pursued his path to independence, which naturally lead to the foundation of the Fashion House that now bears his name. With his undeniably unique vision, Dany reveals new collections with one eye on the latest trends around the world, and the other, on the future.

The Dany Mizrachi Fashion House celebrates it’s 25th year anniversary signifying its esteemed position within the fashion world and affirming Dany’s unparalleled consistency in being one of a kind.



Fashion designer DANY MIZRACHI began his career in the fashion industry as an ambitious teenager, ironing clothes and different fabrics in a small family owend textile shop in South TEL AVIV.

Several years later, the Mizrachi  brothers would launch thr “Rosh Indiani”(indian head)network’ that would change the face of local fashion industry and introduce international standarts and groundbreaking innovations into the market.

“that’s also why I’m do not compromise on anything – not for fabrics, not about the details ,and certainly not the quality of the work. I treat all customers as if they were one of my daughters getting married” …

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