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Welcome to the world of the Israeli Top Designer, Dany Mizrachi.
This fashion love story began when Dany was just a teenager as a day job at his family, downtown Tel-Aviv, small textile shop in ironing fabrics.
What was a small textile shop was turned, within a few years, by the Mizrachi brothers into the first Israeli fashion chain that feathered truly international standards and groundbreaking designs “Rosh Indiani”.
There, Dany initiates and managed the successful Evening Gowns Department and as the demand kept on increasing, alongside with his own professional skills and ambition, he decided to follow his own footsteps, looking for new horizons, pursuing his path to an independent voice, which naturally led to the foundation of the Fashion House that bear his name.
From the first opening of the door, and every year since, Dany reveals a new collection corresponding with his take on what are the latest trends in the international and local scenes with his unique angle and vision.
Nowadays Dany Mizrachi Fashion House celebrates its 25 year anniversary that marks his high position in the fashion world with his signature cutting edge, high end, one of a kind bridal and evening gowns creations.